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Pineapple upside down cake

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

A great way to use Macphies tropical sensation cake mix

Macphie Sausage Rolls

Macphie Sausage Rolls

A simple Sausage Roll recipe.

Pizza sausage roll

Pizza Sausage Rolls

Try this different style of a popular classic

Macphie Pizza Squares

Pizza Squares

A Delicious Winter Warmer

Shortbread Snowflakes

Shortbread Snowflakes

Festive shortbread biscuits

Red Berry Cupcakes

Red Berry Cupcakes

Great festive cupcakes

Viennese Whirls

Viennese Whirls

Deliciously indulgent

Mississippi cake mix

Mississippi Muffin / Cake

Macphie Mississippi Muffin / Cake mix make delicious cake muffins with an incredibly moist crumb.

Mississippi Choc cake mix

Mississippi Chocolate Muffin / Cake Mix

Macphie Chocolate muffin / cake mix only require wate & veg oil to make a rich chocolate muffin or cake with a moist crumb.

Chia Grissini

Chia Grissini

A classic Italian breadstick

Chouxpreme Recipe

Chouxpreme Recipe

A complete mix for the prduction of high quality choux products

Chouxpreme Recipe

Roma Cold Classic Recipe

A premium quality, complete custard mix. Requires only the addition of water

Chia Cookies

Chia Cookies

Tasty cookies with the healthy chia seed

Strawberry & Cream Traybake

Strawberry & Cream Traybake Recipe

A tasty Strawberries & Cream Traybake

Strawberry Cream Muffin Receipe

Strawberry Cream Muffin

A light & tasty muffin

Strawberry butterfly cakes

Strawberry Butterfly Cakes

A tasty sensation from Macphie

Chia recipies

Chia Bread

A great new healthy bread

Chia Fruit Bread

Chia Fruited Bread

A delicious fruit loaf with all the flavour of Chia

Strawberries & cream loaf cake

Strawberries & Cream Loaf Cake

An Indulgent summer loaf cake